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December Wedding Mood Board Inspiration: Dress, Decor and More

Cheers from your local Houston Calligrapher! I'm picking one month of the year and pulling a mood board together for what my interpretation would be if I was getting married in that month, or what I think of when I picture an event in that month.

For December, the vibe is... romantic, moody and feminine. So, let's see what it could look like!

*PS. Photos were taken from Pinterest for design mood board purposes only!

First things first... the venue!

I see December as a wild card month. It's not a holiday wedding or a New Year's celebration (though I am in favor of those dates!), but something with a unique location that elevates the day. I think an art museum vibe really brings a "wow" factor for your guests. Can you also imagine if a location similar to this was where you and your partner went on your first date or date nights while getting to know each other? So cute.



I'm loving a black and white theme here with florals to give it a luxurious and timeless vibe, buuuuut, if you're a person who loves color (also, me!) then this is where you can go full force with your color and make it only visible in your floral arrangements: down the aisle, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces on tables, and even inside your cake. The acrylic stacks between cake layers has such an exquisite, fancy appeal. It also nods to the art museum detail (where all paintings/artifacts are located behind acrylic frames) and brings everything together.

A Calligrapher's Love Language... Signage

Okay, just look at those inspiration photos. The most luxurious installations AND paper details. Signage here showing off black acrylic for the effortless, chic display and delicate florals cutting the strict lines with romantic details. And the place cards - the detailed, patterned paper allowing contrast against a white linen... it just pops off the page. I could see these at a celebrity event, couldn't you?

Gorgeous Gowns

My favorite dress I've found so far... because it's truly FOUR in one dresses! Starting from the left, I could see the long sleeves and skirt as you're walking down the aisle for the ceremony, then remove the sleeves for the cocktail hour. It adds some playfulness into the wedding timeline. Next, dance your way into the reception in a fun and flirty way by making your dress a mini. And, last but not least, complete that mini by removing the sleeves for your send off or heading over to your after party!


Ready to start chatting? Find us at to go over your vision (whether you're a December couple or not!) and we'll create a custom proposal for you!

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