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November Wedding Mood Board Inspiration: Dress, Decor and More

Cheers from your local Houston Calligrapher! I'm picking one month of the year and pulling a mood board together for what my interpretation would be if I was getting married in that month, or what I think of when I picture an event in that month.

For November, the vibe is... playful, warm and bright. So, let's see what it could look like!

*PS. Photos were taken from Pinterest for design mood board purposes only!

First things first... the venue!

I'm not picturing true fall vibes with thanksgiving traditions and dark reds, oranges or yellows. I'm actually thinking lighter elements with an outdoor venue displaying dramatic landscapes. I'm local to Houston, Texas, so while this venue may not apply to every temperature or location, it works in warmer climates. Your guests can find intimate moments under a gorgeously decorated tent or next to one another at long king tables.

A Calligrapher's Love Language... Signage & Stationery

I'm always going to want your signage to "pop" because it's the few things you can make a statement piece and have full control of how they look on the wedding day. Using blush colors, terracotta accents and mustard yellow palettes, you're creating a warm and inviting space - that also says... we're here to party. If you want to bring in darker elements for the end of the year, you can use deep textures for your table cloths or napkins.

The Dress Code

Keeping the girls in a warm, but textured color palette will help give dimension throughout your wedding details. I think keeping the dresses simple here will go a long way. You don't need the mismatched dress prints that are very trendy right not, but something classic instead. I could see the groomsmen paired in black suits or tuxes, too.

Gorgeous Gowns

Does it get any better than a textured A-line gown with a deep V neckline? This train is giving LOTS of luxury and would really make a statement at that outdoor venue. Not something too light and dainty, but is strong and glamourous.


Ready to start chatting? Find us at to go over your vision (whether you're a November couple or not!) and we'll create a custom proposal for you!

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