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January Wedding Mood Board Inspiration: Dress, Decor and More

Cheers from your local Houston Calligrapher! I'm picking one month of the year and pulling a mood board together for what my interpretation would be if I was getting married in that month, or what I think of when I picture an event in that month.

For January, the vibe is... soft, simple and classy. So, let's see what it could look like!

*PS. Photos were taken from Pinterest for design mood board purposes only!

First things first... the venue!

This venue could vary depending on where you're located and what the temperatures are! Since we're in Houston, January has temps all over the place, so I'm picturing an indoor/outdoor mix. Something classic and a little rustic like Briscoe Manor. It's got grace, elegance and the simple factor of "not overdone."


January doesn't need to be "icy," but in my mind, I think these shades of blues, greens and grays work perfectly together. The different floral colors, textures and patterns add a unique arrangement for the bouquets. This month feels fresh and whimsical, too, with these flowers.

Talk about Tablescapes

Coming off of delicate flowers photos, there HAS to be an added layer of bold color, otherwise it wouldn't be a Toast to Ink vibe. I am no stranger to using the linens, napkins and signage or accent pieces as a place to go all out on the color. It creates such a dramatic look to the space, without it being too much or obnoxious.

There are 4 different textures going on in the below photos. Can you tell with all of the dimension working together in unison?

  1. Turquoise velvet table cloths

  2. Acrylic ombre table numbers

  3. China glassware

  4. Mirrored chargers and place cards

The Dress Code

Brining back the mismatched bridesmaid pastel dresses because I think it fits this month so effortlessly. But! Have some fun with the suits. You can keep the men in pastel suits if you want the bride (in a gown) and the groom (in a different color suit) to stand out. If everyone in the bridal party are in pastels, then your focal point will go to the brides/grooms in the center.

However, if you want to give the eye something interesting to hold on to, put the groomsmen in darker blue suits to make the varying colors jump off the photo. You know you'll typically have the photo where the bridesmaids and groomsmen are all paired up together alternating between couples, and what better way to give that photo some depth than to have the men in a darker color suit next to the pastel, patterned dresses?

Gorgeous Gowns

Long sleeves feel appropriate for January, but you can do that in so many ways that depend on your personality! One option is more of a "glitz and glam" style with beading or lace. Another option is more of a "boho chic" style with lace and a simple bodice. Either way, both are gorgeous!


Ready to start chatting? Find us at to go over your vision (whether you're a January couple or not!) and we'll create a custom proposal for you!

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