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10 Houston Wedding Venues to Consider for 2023 and 2024 Couples

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Cheers from your Houston Calligrapher! After you get engaged, the first question people ask you is "WHEN is the wedding?!" Some couples have a date they'd love to get married on, but most wedding industry professionals will tell you it depends on venue availability.

So, start here! Take a peek at a variety of these gorgeous Houston wedding venues and see which one speaks to you and your significant other - then reach out and take a tour! Once finalized, head back here to chat with your favorite Houston Calligrapher so we can create your signage and decor details, will ya?

1. The Astorian

A sophisticated and modern wedding venue in Houston, offering breathtaking skyline views, elegant indoor spaces and a rooftop terrace perfect for celebrating your special day in style. I may be a little biased here since this is where I got married, but the east-coast, New York vibes pulled me in as soon as I stepped onto their mosaic tile floor.

Photography: Houston Studio

2. Addison Woods

A serene woodland setting, lush gardens, and a romantic outdoor ceremony space with a picturesque pergola. With its elegant reception hall featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a cozy fireplace, Addison Woods offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for couples seeking a blend of natural beauty and timeless elegance for their special day.

Photography: NBarrettPhoto

3. The Homestead

The sublime beauty of the property’s landscape is complemented with a chic and thoughtfully curated interior - truly the epitome of liveable-luxe. As they say, "Envision Anthropologie meets Restoration Hardware: bold, unique & stylish."

Photography: Mollie Jane Photography

4. Boxwood Manor

A blend of vintage charm and contemporary elegance, with its historic manor house, expansive grounds and manicured gardens providing a graceful and romantic setting for couples looking for a touch of old-world sophistication.

Photography: Texans Bride

5. Big Sky Barn

A rustic yet elegant wedding venue surrounded by natural beauty, featuring a stunning barn with high ceilings, exposed beams and panoramic windows, offering couples a picturesque and charming space to celebrate their love.

6. Jennings Trace

A picturesque venue that combines rustic charm with modern amenities, featuring a grand ballroom, outdoor ceremony sites with stunning water views and beautifully landscaped grounds, making it an ideal choice for couples looking for a blend of sophistication and natural beauty.

Photography: Kelsey Horner Photography

7. The Space HTX

A contemporary and versatile event space in Houston, offering a blank canvas for couples to create their dream wedding, with its sleek design, open layout, and industrial-chic aesthetic providing a trendy and urban backdrop for a personalized celebration.

Photography: Anchor Studio

8. Sandalwood Manor

A hidden gem nestled in a tranquil countryside setting, offering a charming historic manor, lush gardens, and a serene lake, providing couples with a romantic and intimate atmosphere for a memorable wedding day.

Photography: Ashlynn Mari Photography

9. C. Baldwin Hotel

Combines modern luxury with timeless elegance, featuring stylish ballrooms, chic indoor spaces and an exquisite rooftop terrace, creating a sophisticated and upscale venue perfect for couples seeking a lavish and unforgettable wedding experience.

Photography: Swish and Click

10. The Peach Orchard

Nestled among the beautiful peach trees, The Peach Orchard provides a romantic and charming setting for outdoor weddings, with its serene gardens, picturesque landscapes and rustic modern barn offering a delightful backdrop for a memorable celebration.

Photography: Mustard Seed Photography

Ready to start chatting? Find us at to go over your vision and we'll create a custom proposal for you!

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