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Modern Barbie-Themed Wedding: The Ultimate Guide to Stylish Decor

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Hi, Barbie!

Cheers from your Houston Calligrapher! Barbie has inspired fashion-forward style and vibrant personality for decades, who's to say she can't inspire your wedding day, too? A modern Barbie-themed wedding is a fantastic way to infuse fun and creativity into your special day while maintaining an elegant and chic atmosphere. Keep reading to see innovative ideas for wedding decor that will transport you and your guests to a world of Barbie-inspired fantasy.

Dreamy Ceremony Setup

Create a dreamy ceremony setup that embodies Barbie's world of glamour and beauty. Set up a sleek backdrop adorned with cascading flowers in the chosen color palette. Bouquets of aisle-running flowers sitting next to chic pink velvet and gold accented chairs will complete the look, allowing you and your partner to say your vows in a picture-perfect setting.

Photographer: Rivers Light Photography

Glamorous Reception

Bring the modern Barbie theme to life at your reception with glamorous table settings and centerpieces. Consider using tall pink candles with pink and white flowers, accompanied by elegant metallic accents. Don't forget to add touches of Barbie-inspired decor, such as gold-flaked place cards, menu details, table numbers and more!

Photographer: Rivers Light Photography & Called From the Clouds Photography

Barbie-Inspired Photo Booth

Set up a Barbie-inspired photo booth that will be a hit with your guests. A custom backdrop featuring Barbie's iconic dream house will make your photo booth an instant Instagram-worthy spot. Make sure to place your guestbook right next to the Photo Booth because this spot will be a hit all night!

Photographer: Rivers Light Photography

Fashion-Forward Dessert & Speciality Vendor Spots

Opt for a stylish cake adorned with easy grab-and-go desserts, such as macarons, cupcakes, and cake pops, in the color palette of your wedding. Want to really wow your guests? Think outside the Barbie box! Try considering cotton candy or boba vendors for a unique twist.

Photographer: Rivers Light Photography & Called From the Clouds Photography

Barbie-Inspired Drinks

Delight your guests with Barbie-inspired signature cocktails. Serve pink lemonade with a splash of champagne or a refreshing blueberry mojito garnished with edible flowers. If Ken needs something more "Mojo Dojo Casa House..." try a classic old fashioned with edible gold flakes.

Photographer: Rivers Light Photography & Called From the Clouds Photography

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