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October Wedding Mood Board Inspiration: Dress, Decor and More

Cheers from your local Houston Calligrapher! I've decided to start a mini series...and this one may just be fun for me, but I hope you find it helpful, too. Let me know? I'm picking one month of the year and pulling a mood board together for what my interpretation would be if I was getting married in that month, or what I think of when I picture an event in that month.

ForOctober, the vibe is... romantic, moody and feminine. So, let's see what it could look like!

*PS. Photos were taken from Pinterest for design mood board purposes only!

First things first... the venue!

I'm picturing a moody, industrial chic, east coast-style venue (think: New York vibes). Lean into those sharp, structured lines and don't be scared if it feels "heavier" or not as light and airy as you may find with modern weddings. Finding a venue that has a ton of character in it will automatically “WOW” your guests, and you won't need to spend more $$$ on decor or furniture to fill space. The Astorian in Houston, Texas is a perfect example of this.


Don't be shy here. Find a florist who you really vibe with and give them creative reigns. I'd pair October with canyon rose, cranberry and blush-colored florals, but would stress the importance of texture being the main goal. Create a variety of low, medium and tall arrangements or even use part of your budget to create installations for the ceremony where you can re-purpose these throughout the evening later on (think: sweetheart table then dessert table - giving you 3x the use!).

Credit: Stems of ATX

Talk about Tablescapes

Treat them like luxury and the entire room decor will go a long way. Add textured and velvet linens, colored glassware and delicate, diverse florals. Make sure to keep a balance with what you're adding to the space, but have fun with it and let loose! Can you imagine guests all night with their jaws dropped applauding your attention to detail?

A Calligrapher's Love Language... Signage

Use signage to make a statement. Think big installations for your welcome sign or seating chart. Your guests will gasp when they see the set-up, then they'll immediately be looking for their name driving the excitement continuously throughout the evening. The details are what people always remember the make sure to give them something to talk about!

The Dress Code

Dress your bridesmaids in different textures and colored canyon rose/cranberry dresses, but keep the groom and groomsmen traditional in tuxes. This feels luxurious, classic and pulls everything together.

Gorgeous Gowns For October brides - I could see stunning dresses with a lot of texture, elegance and movement. The dresses themselves are their own works of art. You know that saying, "a picture is worth 1,000 words?" I think I'll stop while I'm ahead with these gowns.

Ready to start chatting? Find us at to go over your vision (whether you're an October couple or not!) and we'll create a custom proposal for you!

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