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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Rentals and Calligraphy Items

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Cheers from your Houston Calligrapher! One of the most creative aspects of wedding planning is decorating your venue - and maybe the most overwhelming part... where do you even start? There are so may ways to personalize your big day, but one surefire way to add elegance and charm to your wedding decor is through calligraphy items and rentals. Let's breakdown what rental items we have available and what works best for your special day.

Large Signage

Think welcome signs, seating charts, unplugged signs or any statement piece during the celebration. These are usually the investment pieces if you're going fully custom, but with rental items, you can rest easy knowing you're getting more bang for your buck. We also write on any surfaces, so if you already have your own mirror signage or unique statement piece, we're happy to add a touch of calligraphy to it.

1. Mirror Signage: Mirror signage is a timeless choice for weddings. Elegant and reflective, these signs can be personalized with your names, wedding date or meaningful quotes. They are perfect for welcoming guests, displaying the schedule or directing them to different areas of your venue.

Photographer: Ivan Garcia

2. Welcome Signage: A beautifully crafted welcome sign sets the tone for your wedding and makes a warm impression on your guests. Consider a calligraphed welcome sign that captures your wedding theme and personality.

Photographers: Mollie Jane Photography and Blackbear Photo Co.

3. Seating Chart Signage: Help guests find their seats with style. Seating chart signage, whether it's on a mirror, acrylic or unique surface, can be adorned with artistic calligraphy to seamlessly guide your guests. These floating frames with dried florals are an exquisite statement piece for any setting.

Photographer: Natalie Barrett

4. Easels

This is a "don't forget me on the wedding day!" type of rental. Even though you picked the design, material and perfect verbiage - you want to make sure it is displayed correctly. Please (we beg you!) do not place it on a table or high-top. We've seen enough weddings to know that these fall over, they're bumped and skid across the floor, or they fly away and disrupt guest time. If you book with us, we'll always remind you of this so you don't need to worry!

Small Signage

Think table numbers, bar signage, cards and gifts, guestbook signage, in memory signs, dessert or favor signs, etc. These signs serve the most important part of your decor: functional and educational purposes, ensuring your guests know where to leave gifts, find their tables and enjoy a drink at the open bar.

1. Acrylic Signage

These signs are perfect to rent because you likely won't want to keep these after your wedding day like you could for your welcome sign or seating chart for nostalgic purposes. We also like the sustainable mindset these rental signs bring with repurposing table number signs and detailed signs for those you want to highlight in the logistics of your wedding day.

2. Card Boxes

Everyone needs a card box or cards/gifts sign to tell their guests where to drop their items. Even though the etiquette for modern weddings has changed where guests now purchase/send the couple gifts ahead of the wedding, most people still bring a card with them to wish the couple well on their wedding day.

Photographer for gold box: Houston Studio

Cost-Effective Alternatives

Maybe you're still searching for a cheaper way to bring all of these details to life - we've got your back! We have a variety of Etsy templates in our shop that allows you the opportunity to achieve the same elegance while staying within your budget. Cue *downloadable templates* here!

Ready to start chatting? Find us at to go over your vision and we'll create a custom proposal for you! We have rental packages we would be happy to pull for you as well!

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